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This formula is designed for the well-being of digestion and the vitality of your body. It will help slenderize your body!

It contains chlorophyll, the best natural antiseptic to suppress the pathogenic flora of your microbiota. The optimal effect is achieved by combining chlorophyll with probiotics, also included in the formula, that promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

Bromelain, included in this formula, aids digestion.

Chromium and berberine, in its best-absorbed form, activate carbohydrate metabolism and help the body regulate blood sugar levels.

This formula helps balance the digestive process, improves the general condition and helps slenderize your body more quickly!

For optimum results each formula is recommended to be taken as a 3-month course. If you buy a 3-month course, we offer you a 10% discount. You can combine two or more formulas, as they complement each other perfectly.