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This formula is designed for the well-being of your digestion and the vitality of the body. It will allow you to obtain your dream silhouette!

It contains chlorophyll, the best natural antiseptic to fight against the pathogenic flora of your microbiota. The optimal effect is obtained thanks to the association of chlorophyll with the probiotic, also included in the formula, which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Bromelain, included in this formula, aids digestion.

Chromium and berberine, in its best absorbed form, activate carbohydrate metabolism and contribute to sugar management.

This formula helps balance digestion, improve the general condition of the body and obtain your dream figure more quickly!

*To obtain optimal results, each formula is recommended as a 3-month treatment.

If you opt for a 3 month treatment you can benefit from a 10% reduction.

You can combine two or more formulas, they are perfectly complementary.


Customer Reviews

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Elissa G.
Excellent produit

J'ai perdu 3kg en 1 mois grâce à ce complément et je me sens mieux de manière générale je recommande !