Tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur la cellulite et même plus

Everything you want to know about cellulite and more

Cellulite is one of the scourges of modern women that affects all ages and body types. It can catch up with you at seventeen as well as at seventy-five. Likewise, a woman who weighs 50 kg is just as vulnerable as one who weighs 90 kg.

To get rid of it, you must transcend its aesthetic aspect and seek to understand the deeper reasons for its appearance. Cellulite is not just a trivial obstacle in your quest for the perfect body, but reflects a set of functional problems. Understanding these real reasons and making the necessary changes are the only ways to overcome the unsightly “orange peel”. On the other hand, if your anti-cellulite arsenal is limited only to cosmetic methods (massages, creams, wraps, etc.), it risks staying with you for life.

So what are the physiological origins of cellulite? On the one hand, it concerns your liver, blood and lymphatic system, high estrogen levels and kidney dysfunction. On the other hand, cellulite is closely linked to your diet, stress and a sedentary lifestyle. These are the real problems to deal with if you have decided to declare war on your cellulite!

Some basic rules

DIET PLAYS A DECISIVE ROLE. In this fight, the gluten-free diet will be your best ally. Gluten is a viscous protein that causes water retention and hinders the proper circulation of lymph. Generally speaking, gluten is the main cause of the famous saddlebags! Limit it in your diet as much as possible. The gluten-free diet involves cutting out four grain crops, namely rye, barley, oats and wheat. These changes are not easy to achieve, but your efforts will be well rewarded with beauty, vitality and tone because the harm of gluten is not limited to the appearance of cellulite and concerns the human body as a whole.

Try COCHLEARIA ARMORACIA better known as horseradish root which comes from a plant three years or older. Horseradish root stimulates the lymphatic system responsible for the elimination of water. So you hit cellulite from the inside because the latter is nothing other than stagnant interstitial fluid.

In areas affected by cellulite, cells experience pressure, which causes their metabolism to slow down. Consume seaweed because it is rich in iodine which activates cellular metabolism.

Don't forget foods with diuretic effects which promote the elimination of water and facilitate the functioning of the kidneys. These include celery, fennel, onion, parsley, eggplant, all varieties of cabbage, cucumbers and leeks.

Consume lemon every day in all its forms. It is rich in vitamin C, essential for the synthesis of collagen, which makes the skin firm and beautiful.

Omega-3 and Omega-9 polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential as the main source of skin elasticity and hydration. Every day consume olive oil, walnut oil and first cold-pressed organic rapeseed oil. Add them to your salads or prepared dishes. Remember that after heat treatment, vegetable oils become depleted of nutrients.

Legumes provide an invaluable source of potassium – a trace element that promotes water elimination. Say yes to chickpeas, beans and lentils!

Do a detox and liver rejuvenation treatment twice a year in fall and spring. Artichoke extract is your best ally in this endeavor! This wonderful phytosanitary product cleanses and regenerates the liver. Drink chicory as much as you like. This drink stimulates the liver and promotes its regeneration!

The blood system also requires your attention. In areas affected by cellulite the arteries are compressed by stagnant fluid. For this reason, alongside massages and the elimination of water, it is necessary to ensure good blood irrigation of these areas. The best phytosanitary product for this problem remains Ginkgo Biloba. Take it in capsule or liquid form during the active phase of your fight against cellulite. For prevention, take a 20-day course once or twice a year.

During the active phase of your offensive against cellulite, use trace elements such as chromium, zinc and silicon. They are your main allies who promote the loss of centimeters and allow the skin to regain its beauty and firmness in areas affected by cellulite.

If you are a fan of massages, increase their effectiveness by adding 40 drops of orange essential oil and 30 drops of cypress essential oil per 100 ml of your massage oil. If you have the opportunity to travel to equatorial regions, bring calophyll oil, which is the best substance for anti-cellulite massage.

Rally herbal teas of HELMET, DANDELION, Orthosiphon and meadowsweet to your cause!

Before showering, use a ground coffee scrub which is very effective on the affected areas. Finish your wash with the Scottish shower, alternating hot and cold water several times, always ending with cold water!

Finally, a few words about sport. The most effective sport for this type of problem is undoubtedly swimming. It promotes lymphatic drainage throughout the body. You can also practice BodyFlex. The results will be there!

Stay beautiful and keep smiling! Make your body an object of pride!

Advice from Mila Bichart, naturopath in Paris

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