Mincir pour de bon ! Les conseils de la naturopathe Mila Bichart (4-ème partie)

Lose weight for good! Advice from naturopath Mila Bichart (part 4)

In the fourth article in the “lose weight for good!” series. » I suggest you rediscover the ordinary foods that we always have on hand. Today we are going to learn how to calm our hunger without consequences down the line! Often, even as part of a diet, we turn a blind eye to snacks, saying that a little treat here and there has no effect on weight gain. Fatal error ! A little chocolate, a biscuit, a piece of brioche or even a yogurt and now our favorite jeans no longer close!

Let's review the foods that suppress hunger without impacting our figure.

Hard-boiled egg – an invaluable source of protein! Obviously, without bread or other typical sandwich ingredients. Accompany this little snack with tea or herbal tea while avoiding fruit juice!

Cucumber is high in fiber and very low in calories. Consume it as desired: it suppresses hunger and facilitates digestion. As an alkalizing food, cucumber helps us maintain health.

Apple – a universal appetite suppressant thanks to pectin which calms the feeling of hunger. Important: avoid eating apples after a meal if you do not want to reproduce the fermentation of cider in your stomach! This would be counterproductive for your weight loss and for your health in general. Apples, like many other fruits, are eaten outside of meals or at least 30 minutes before eating.

Your Secret Weapon – Cinnamon. This famous spice is widely used in cooking. But how can cinnamon help you stay in shape? Put a few cinnamon sticks in a small container. When the feeling of hunger starts to bother you, open your magic box and smell the cinnamon! Its aroma helps calm hunger!

Treat yourself to gourmet breaks while staying in shape!

See you soon for new tips!

Mila Bichart

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