Mincir pour de bon ! Les conseils de la naturopathe Mila Bichart

Lose weight for good! Advice from naturopath Mila Bichart

In the series of articles “lose weight for good!” » I'm going to reveal some secrets that will allow women to lose extra pounds and stay in shape. I would like to point out that it is not a diet but rather good eating habits so that a woman knows how to control her weight and stay in shape. The secrets of a slender silhouette at the height of femininity.

First of all, SAY NO TO SUGAR! Especially so-called “refined” white sugar which provides your body with no nutrients but empty calories. It deserves its nickname of white poison! However, many women and men are addicted to the sweet taste and cannot imagine their life without white sugar. Is there an alternative? The Amazon forests may hide a solution. This is stevia rebaudiana – an ancient plant which has been revealed to the Western world over the last 30 years.

In France, stevia has been authorized as a food additive since 2009 and today its popularity in Europe continues to grow. Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar, contains almost no calories and poses no danger unlike aspartame (synthetic sweetener). Add it to your coffee, herbal tea or tea!

In my experience some people don't like the taste. But if you prefer a slender figure to a big belly you will appreciate this new pleasant and original taste! Good news for cooking enthusiasts: you can substitute stevia for sugar in almost all your recipes once you master the dosage!

Another natural sweetener is agave syrup. It is the extract of a Mexican cactus with a sweetening power greater than that of honey. With its delicate taste, it has a very low glycemic index and a multitude of trace elements!

This syrup is rich in iron, calcium and different minerals. It contains almost no calories and is sweeter than sugar! It is a good alternative to honey.

Another important point: sugar is harmful to collagen and causes the formation of wrinkles. It’s the enemy of supple, glowing skin. If you want to regain a fresh and luminous complexion, stop consuming sugar.

Conclusion: opt for stevia and agave syrup. It is an imperative in the quest for eternal youth and for a perfect figure.

In the offensive against sugar your best ally is CHROME (Cr). This trace element helps to overcome sugar addiction, activates glucose metabolism and thus promotes the loss of centimeters in the hips, stomach and buttocks – the areas most sensitive to sugar consumption.

Have some during breakfast. You can buy chromium-based food supplements at the pharmacy without a prescription.

Mila Bichart

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